Hello everyone!

In early February, I received a call from a producer of the Dr. Phil Show, who asked if I would be interested in talking to Dr. Phil about why I commissioned billboards in 2010. They were doing a show on the things women do when they find out their significant other has cheated.

Upon my arrival to The Dr. Phil Show for taping, I learned that the title of my segment had changed to “My Life Is A Headline.” It turns out they couldn’t get the right kind of guests for the cheating story (I think one was in jail!). For the segment they taped, two other guests and I were to discuss our unique situations that put us under intense (but misguided) media scrutiny. One was a teen who had allegedly raped her boyfriend (a child resulted from the encounter); there was also a small advice segment at the end about keeping your life off the Internet—to the extent that’s possible. But by the time the show aired March 26, the segment title again changed to “The Surprising Reason He Hates Paying Child Support” and focused on the teen couple, and the third segment was deleted altogether.

While my segment wasn’t as long as originally taped (from 20 minutes to 9 minutes), it was a good start to telling my story. The unabridged version is forthcoming via my memoir and documentary, The Glamorous Lie as well as my non-fiction thriller, August. Stay tuned…

In the meantime, enjoy the clip!




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